Humans, Enter Idea Age

Create something out of nothing with your digital project partner.


Kamane gives people knowledge and skills. Develop yourself to develop the world.

How can we help?

Get started with Kamane steps to create a product and a business of your own.

Know your why
Spark curiosity
Develop audience
Spend time well

Know your why

Discover your personal vision with Kamane Heart.

Turn problems that matter to you to opportunities with a tailored coaching programme.



Spark curiosity, with purpose

Create new solutions to old problems with Kamane Mind workshops. 

What to expect? A practical ideation session. Paper, markers and clear steps included.

Value Propositions

Business Models

Develop your audience online

Make your ideas spread with Kamane Home.

Imagine a modern website and digital content that attracts the right people to contact you. This is it.

Websites & Ecommerce

Digital Marketing

Spend time really well

Beat the information overload with Kamane Lab.

A dedicated time with your experimentation trainer brings speed and clarity. Works for you and your business.

Energy Management

Go to Market Experiments


Hello from Kamane — the human development studio.


Kamane exists to make it easy for humans to realise true potential. 

We strive for the world where everyone creates value.


We value integrity, growth, cooperation and value.


Hi, I’m Ruta. Kamane is a playground for activities I always wanted to have…

Things like asking deep questions, trying and trying again until we, together, create something great. 🐝

Let's talk about
your ideas?


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