Playground for your life.

Welcome to Kamane. Start a life project and
create something out of nothing. It’s fun and fast.

No courses. We
do life projects.

Playful time and space for learning by doing.


Ever attended a seminar with no idea what it was about? Forget it. We make complex simple and clear.


Welcome to the playground. All stupid questions are loved, laughed and answered through testing them in a real life.


You are faster than you think. We will make you see, if you agree. Each online project goes for 3 weeks.

now, your turn

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Pick one.

Dream Project

Discover what matters to you. Learn to use time and project management tools to get most of your life.

Web Space Project

Make your ideas spread. Learn to use marketing language and simple Internet tools to create websites.

Experimentation Project

Be creative, yet strategic. Learn to use design and innovation language to turn your ideas to a product.

People start idea gardens here.

"I always wanted to do something on my own. Kamane opened a new world for me."

Go, create the future.

Kamane was born with a simple question in mind. Why can’t we, the people, imagine more and create things for the world?


  • Kamane exists to develop people that develop the world. We offer time and space to
    do life projects.
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